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As I embark on this new journey. With this new album. With my story, which is neither right nor wrong, it is simply just my story. I get a little anxious. I get a little nervous.

I know this is my next step for this journey. It is all set up perfectly. And will unfold, and unravel into exactly what is meant to be. Trusting and Surrending is always on my brain.

This healing of my heart. And hopefully a million others around the globe. I will do my best to speak my truth. To be honest. To be kind. And share my story, in hopes that someone somewhere will be comforted knowing that they are not alone. 

This is all I have ever wanted. 

Music has been there for me for as long as I can remember. I would have never dreamed that mine is doing for people what Ani Difranco’s did for me when I was 13. 

Music is the heart beat of the soul. 

Im so sensitive to negativity these days. I still trip out when I hear people complaining or calling people out on shit, or being aggressive or straight up mean. I always think to myself, “Is that really necessary? Is anything good really going to come out of that?

That is the nature of being human I supposed. I have been guilty to this behavior too, trust me, I am no saint. But as I grow older, I just imagine this world to be a more peaceful place, where we all work together. Where we actually communicate. Where we treat each other like family, like human beings, with real feelings, with real hearts. Where we just let people be. And know that when we get triggered by something, that its OUR SHIT. Not theirs. 

I like to try and make the effort everyday to leave every person I come in contact with throughout the day, better than how I found them. Whether thats the homeless man on the corner, or the girl making my coffee, or the person I catch eyes with changing lanes on the freeway. I actually smiled at a girl on the freeway just the other day, she looked at my with the most suspicious of looks! I couldnt help but smile even bigger. 

Anyhow, this little photo above just made me think of all that. 

Love you guys, Im excited.


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